YONTA is a journal of science and art, and of the artful presentation of science. We want to showcase experimental prose and nontraditional reporting about science and the environment that is both factually sound and lyrical on the page, that is as imaginative as the scientists who produce the research. We take our name from the telegraphic code used by Australian explorers and scientists on expeditions to Antarctica during much of the 20th century. YONTA, wired across time and distance, meant, “I have a thousand questions to ask.”

There’s a misconception among non-scientists that the various fields – physics, biology, geology, chemistry, neurology – are set, are un-poetic, are dry. Vladimir Nabokov, in a 1964 Playboy interview, said, “The greater one’s science, the deeper the sense of mystery…” We agree.

YONTA is edited by Kathryn Flagg and Irina Zhorov.


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