Goodbye Summer, Hello Science!

All summer we’ve been all a-YONTA, asking thousands of questions*** across thousands of miles. It’s been exhausting and exhilarating and now we’re back to work, which means more questions but also, one hopes, some answers. While we were gone, we got some really great submissions and are enjoying reading them. We still cannot give a concrete answer to the question of when the first issue of YONTA will come out, but want to assure you that it’s in the works. Meanwhile, please send us more of your work!!

*** My favorite questions by far from this summer were from a 4-year old. Where do volcanoes come from? he had asked. We were still many miles apart and so I had to explain to him over Skype, leaning into my computer screen and giggling with him as we ruminated on the awesomeness of where, indeed, those things emerge from. When I finally saw my cousin on my brief stopover at home, he had more questions. Where do hurricanes come from? Where do oceans come from? He was swinging on a swing, wearing a red cape the hood of which would slide down over his curls and trickster eyes, and demanding to know. I’m thinking, I said. Are you still thinking? he demanded a couple of minutes later. While this little guy can’t read yet, we hope that’s the kind of readers we attract now and always.

The right way to ask questions...


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YONTA is a new journal that focuses on art and science and the art of science. Our first issue will be out this summer. Meanwhile, we welcome your submissions, questions, comments, ideas, inquiries, etc. You’ll be able to find us soon online at

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